Prioto offers intelligent solutions for controlling, monitoring, and reporting on a range of functions within commercial buildings.

Prioto solutions are for building and facility managers looking to achieve energy efficiency savings by optimising their building’s performance while improving the conditions of the employees and customers using the building.

Historically, affordability and capital barriers have prevented many businesses from installing a traditional Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS); particularly for smaller businesses and buildings.

Prioto’s solutions can be tailored and scaled to suit any size of business and building, and are within the financial means of SMEs. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), Prioto offers an abundance of automation, alerts, and controls similar to those of the big BMS players. A comfortable, controlled and energy efficient building is within reach of even the smallest of businesses.

Prioto mobile app
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    fire safety
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    access controls
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    fault detection
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    leak detection
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    maintenance alerts
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    …and much more

Control your building at the touch of a button



Prioto can be configured and automated to suit your business requirements.
Building and facility managers will benefit not only from the reduced energy and maintenance costs as a result of simple and effective automation but also from the convenience of being able to control building functions remotely, using an app on their mobile device.


Developed by an expert team proficient in systems integration, Prioto can operate within an existing BMS, retrofitted to existing electrical appliances, and much more, providing automation capability at an affordable cost.

Prioto solutions will also help you achieve government/business carbon reduction targets, easily.



Prioto solutions will significantly reduce energy consumption within your building and increase profitability.

Prioto can also effectively manage buildings at multiple site locations.

Your Prioto solutions will be configured and installed by Prioto engineers and can be maintained by us too.



Prioto can carry out a full technical analysis of your building to discover where savings are possible.

Facility managers can take advantage of real-time monitoring of building operations with Prioto.

Operating in a world of constantly evolving tech, we’re keeping up with the developments so that your business can stay ahead.

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