Assisted Living

As the demand for assisted living grows it is essential that solutions are found to enable a high standard of care to be delivered. This is essential to keep those in need of care safe and comfortable whilst minimising impact on their independence. Prioto understands first hand the extremely broad range of requirements for those with assisted living requirements. Prioto offers a wide range of solutions from general facility enhancements to bespoke applications.


  • Monitor & control temperature at home, or remotely

  • Passively monitor movement of care home residents and other vulnerable people, or your loved ones who live alone

  • Safe living with security alerts and notifications

  • Healthy living with infrared heating and air purification

  • Receive alerts and turn off appliances which might have been left on, reducing risk and saving energy

  • Benefit from energy savings as heating and lighting are scheduled and automated


Multiple applications

Disabled persons

Prioto gives those with limited mobility complete control over everything in the building from an easy to use, bespoke app.

Should users have limited motor controls Prioto can offer bespoke physical control units to suit the needs of the user.

Prioto gives users simple environmental controls to boost heating, control light scenes, adjust the TV or call for assistance.

Prioto understand that each user will have a unique set of needs and will tailor the system to maximise benefits for the user.

Elderly Care

Using Prioto technology we can discreetly and non-invasively monitor various uses of the building to ensure occupants are not in any trouble.

Monitoring the temperature to make sure occupants haven’t forgotten to switch heating on as winter arrives.

Automatic, motion based lighting ensures occupants don’t need to fumble for a light switch in the dark avoiding the risk of taking a fall.

Send alerts to duty nurse if a door to the property is opened outside of regular times, for example if a front door is opened late at night, we can alert those carers on site to check everything is OK and occupant hasn’t got any unwanted visitors.

Monitoring multiple motion sensors to make sure occupant is moving around the various rooms in a typical manner. If an irregular pattern is spotted a discrete alert will be sent to a duty nurse to check on the resident.


A Prioto system can be tailored to suit the needs of the user, if there is an application you want to discuss, please contact us today to see how Prioto can help you control your building intelligently and easily.