Emergency Services

Our emergency services provide essential and often and life saving services to the community. With work as important as that of the emergency services it is hard to overstate the importance of the facilities from which they operate.
Prioto ensure emergency service facilities are running efficiently and effectively to allow personnel to concentrate on the extremely important work they do.



Prioto sensors can provide important building monitoring such as:

  • Intruder alarm alerts based on internal motion and/or breach of window or door

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detection alerts and notifications

  • Temperature monitoring in multiple zones

  • Water sensors in key areas to alert if a leak is detected in building

  • Global energy usage statistics

  • Window and door contacts to alert if heating is on while window is open


When a call out is raised, the Prioto system will ensure all lights are brought on to allow crew to easily and safely navigate the station without the need to turn lights on as they go. When the crew have left the station, Prioto sensors will know the station is unoccupied and turn off lighting and any heating that was on to save energy.



The emergency services cover a wide geographic area, from city centre locations to remote rural communities. Clean, warm working environments with the right conditions are needed to provide these services effectively.

Prioto gives users quick and simple control of the building essentials.


Other Applications

Prioto can provide a new infrared heating system which, together with other selected products, reduces energy costs and can also reduce or eliminate mould, condensation and dampness in facilities that are periodically left unoccupied. Further to this, if the crew are returning from a call out with wet gear the Prioto system can boost the heating and ventilation in the drying area for a set time. This removes the chance of the power hungry heating/ventilation being left on for days on end in stations that aren’t manned full time.

A bespoke app can be given to key personnel to monitor and control the facility remotely. This could be used to switch on the station heating on the way back from a particularly cold call out so the team return to a comfortable station.

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