Prioto provides a wide range of solutions for various areas within the hospitality sector such as hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and more. Prioto will improve how your staff interact with the building without potentially increasing the amount of energy the building will use in doing so. Prioto increases comfort and convenience whilst lowering energy bills.


There are many great ways a Prioto system can enhance your facility. Some examples of the benefits to your hospitality operation are:

  • Wall or ceiling mounted heaters to maximise available floor space

  • Single ‘close down’ button for staff

  • Automatic temperature control ensures customers comfort

  • Intelligently controlled refrigeration units to increase energy efficiency.

  • Automated outside heaters optimising energy use & customer comfort

    and much more…


Restaurant Lighting Example

A detailed example of how automated lighting can provide a restaurant with a subtle lighting automation sequence:

11am - Staff arrive to open restaurant and prepare for lunch time service - all lights on full for set up

12pm - First lunch service starts - Lights automatically dim down to minimise energy waste.

5pm - As evening draws in the restaurant lights fade up to keep the areas bright and inviting

7pm - Dinner service commences and lights dim slightly to create a subtle mood change.

10pm - As the evening gets later, lights slowly and subtly dim to the darkest scene to keep the ambience.

11:30pm - as evening service end the lights slowly fade up to indicating the restaurant is nearing close.

12pm - The restaurant is now closed and the lights come on to 80% brightness so staff can easily complete close down.

1am - As last staff member leaves, they use a single push button to shut off all lights and make sure restaurant is closed.

Prioto has a wide range of amazing solutions for the hospitality sectors to make sure your customers are comfortable, your staff are effective and happy and your energy bills are as low as possible.

Contact us today to discuss the many great possibilities.