The possibilities and potential for Prioto solutions to be deployed in the hospitality sector in hotels, cafes, bars, and restaurants are vast.

Utilities are a relatively high cost for the industry – from heating guest bedrooms, and electricity used in restaurant kitchens for ovens and refrigeration, to front-of-house lighting in bars and cafes.

Then there are your legal obligations as a food service provider under European Food and Food Hygiene regulations, and the provision of safe and healthy environments for your customers.

Prioto solutions will offer your hospitality business cost-savings from lower energy bills, efficiency savings from automated controls, and prevention of product contamination from dust and other allergens from traditional convection heating.

Prioto Hospitality

Prioto options + Hospitality

  • Customers benefit from the same service output, and the business benefits from lower energy consumption to do so
  • Increased customer comfort
  • Wall or ceiling mounted ‘healthy’ and aesthetically pleasing infrared heaters to maximise available floor space, branded with your company logo, colours or images that represent your café/restaurant/hotel business
  • Single ‘close down’ button for staff
  • Automatic temperature controls for convenience and comfort
  • Intelligently controlled refrigeration sensors
  • Automated subtle-lighting sequences – for example: full lights for set-up, dimming for customer comfort/ambience, 80% lights for close-down
  • Automated outdoor heating and lighting
  • Control window blinds, awnings and even background music
  • The ability to heat only one area of your business (why heat the whole restaurant, for example, when there are only a few diners at quiet periods?)
  • …and much, much more.

Examples of where Prioto can work in the hospitality industry

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    Cafés/Coffee shops
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    Theme park catering areas
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    Schools, colleges and university cafés
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    Cinema catering areas
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    Leisure centre cafés
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    Motorway service stations

It’s never been easier to stay in control of your business’ energy use

  1. Install Prioto and control your whole establishment from your smartphone.
  2. Be alerted when doors and windows are open, or when ovens and lights are left on.
  3. Monitor your energy spend.
Prioto Hospitality graphic

Source: Carbon Trust

Prioto offers intelligent solutions for smarter buildings.

Contact us to find out how we could reduce your energy consumption, save your business money, and increase the comfort of your customers.