Multi Site Business

When a company expands to become a multi site operation there are essential facility considerations that often get overlooked. Growing companies can suffer from certain dis-economies of scale such as duplication and inconsistency of services. Prioto will ensure that your Multi-Site Business is running in a consistent, uniform manner, eliminating unnecessary wasting of time and energy.


All Prioto systems provide simple and effective physical controls to make it easy for staff to manage their facilities. Prioto deliver the same simple and effective building control options in all your sites meaning that staff that work across multiple sites do not have the added complexity of learning to use different controls each time, e.g. presentations suites.


When your company is based across multiple location it can be easy for energy costs to spiral out of control. Prioto offer a central dashboard to display essential data from multiple facilities to your facilities management. Here they can track energy use across multiple sites, compare carbon footprints of facilities and if necessary adjust global parameters such as max temperature set points.



You have your head office facilities running effectively and efficiently on Prioto, when you decide to expand your operation to a second, third or fourth office, the Prioto system can be replicated giving the same comfortable and efficient working space to your team, whilst ensuring that you are not wasting money on needlessly high energy bills. If the multiple sites are all serviced by different energy suppliers it can be hard to collate all energy usage data, Prioto can gather all energy data from multiple sites and neatly display it to your facility management team via a bespoke online dashboard.


As your company grows across multiple locations, make sure Prioto are managing your facilities energy use and provide your staff simple, effective control of their work space.

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