Running a successful retail operation has many challenges, but managing your energy usage does not need to be one of them. Your stores energy use will be from a number of elements such as lighting, heating, cooling, IT infrastructure and more. When the store is busy, sometimes the simple energy saving tasks can be overlooked by staff meaning your profitability can suffer. Knowing your carbon footprint is being reduced not only helps the bank balance, but also the environment and in turn, your company’s reputation.


With heating accounting for approximately 40% of energy used in a typical retail environment* it is essential that your retail operation is managing the heating of your facilities effectively.

A Prioto system can accurately monitor the temperature across multiple zones of your retail facility to ensure it is not wasting energy by overheating whilst keeping your customers and staff comfortable.



Automated time schedules ensure that you are not wasting energy heating stores that are unoccupied. Give a trusted member of the facility management the option to monitor the building from a dedicated portal and if required give chosen staff option to make adjustments to stores heating.


There are many things to consider when running a retail operation but with Prioto looking after your facilities you know your building is running efficiently and effectively whilst managing your facility running costs.
According to the Carbon Trust, a 20% cut in energy costs represents the same profit savings as a 5% increase in sales.



After heating, the facility lighting will play a large part in your overall energy use. Prioto offer a large number of tailored solutions to retail facilities to perfectly manage lighting requirements.

Occupancy sensors in certain zones, such as toilets or changing areas can automatically dim or switch off lights when the area is not occupied. According to research, occupancy sensors can save up to 50% of your lighting costs.

A Prioto system gives key holders a quick and effective close down solution. A single physical push button ensures all lights are off, heating is set back to economy setting, all necessary electronics are off and the facility is secured.

On average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting

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