High street shops are trading in increasingly volatile conditions due to competition from online-only retailers. Saving energy, therefore, is one of the simplest ways to increase profits without increasing sales.

And with much of the industry working hard to entice customers into their stores, it will come as no surprise that making the shop floor as comfortable and welcoming as possible for potential customers, is a must. Striking a balance between shop heating/cooling and favourable lighting, and manageable utility bills can be tricky.

Prioto solutions offer an abundance of opportunities for retail businesses to save money while capitalising on the energy savings to be made by reducing their carbon footprint.

Prioto Retail

Prioto options + Retail

  • Retailers with multiple shops can monitor and control each one individually, from anywhere in the world
  • Daily footfall can be counted and recorded
  • Receive alerts and notifications if window/doors are breached, or if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected
  • Receive alerts if the temperature of the shop, or storage area, drops overnight
  • Reduce lighting costs by switching to Prioto’s controlled LED solutions and light harvesting system
  • Monitor shop energy usage and configure Prioto to reduce usage and energy costs – for example, Prioto will monitor the temperature across different zones of your store to ensure customers aren’t overheating and staff are comfortable
  • Wall or ceiling mounted infrared heaters provide cost-efficient and healthy heating while freeing up valuable floor space
  • For larger stores, control the heating/cooling of just one area without impacting on the temperature of the whole store
  • Schedule heating to suit your busy and quiet periods. Configure Prioto so that heating and lighting is turned off automatically when sensors detect the shop is unoccupied – ensuring no energy is wasted because a staff member forgot to turn off the lights
  • Benefit from the improved energy performance of your retail unit/building
  • Occupancy sensors in certain shop areas – such as toilets or changing rooms – can automatically dim or switch off when the area is unoccupied, saving you money
  • Keyholders can use a single button ‘close down’ solution to ensure all lights are off, heating is set to economy overnight, electronics and IT are off, and the shop is secured
  • …and much, much more

Examples of where Prioto can work in the retail industry

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    Clothing stores
  • null
    Supermarkets (or parts of)
  • null
    Mobile phone retailers
  • null
    Betting shops
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    Independent shops
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    Book shops
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    Shoe shops
  • null
    Department stores
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    Health & beauty shops
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    Furniture stores

It’s never been easier to stay in control of your business’ energy use

  1. Install Prioto and control your whole retail store from your smartphone.
  2. Be alerted when doors are left open, and the heating is on, or when certain areas of the store are unoccupied.
  3. Monitor your energy spend.

Source: Carbon Trust

Prioto offers intelligent solutions for smarter buildings.

Contact us to find out how we could reduce your energy consumption, save your retail business money, and increase the comfort of your customers and staff.