Before we design your Prioto solution, it’s important that we fully understand your requirements. We may ask to see your last 12 utility bills. We may want to carry out a full energy audit. These findings, coupled with liaising with your building/facility or sustainability management team, provide us with insight into how you currently use your building. With this information and our observations, we can then provide expert advice on how to deploy Prioto for maximum results.


    Prioto solutions can be tailored and scaled to suit any size of business, and budget. Your carefully designed solution, therefore, will be unique to your building. Our design engineers will consider any existing BMS to achieve maximum potential, and provide you with a detailed feature specification for the building.


    Our installation team will install all of the necessary hardware as well as deliver the on-site software and IT configuration. The deployed solutions will then be tested fully, and your building/facility manager briefed on how to monitor and troubleshoot minor issues. The installation will be carried out in a manner to ensure minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.


    We offer a range of maintenance packages that can be tailored to suit your business, maintenance needs, and budget – from on-site maintenance and energy optimisation adjustments to remote monitoring. If there is an area of your building that undergoes a renovation or change to its use, this can impact on the energy performance of the building and require reconfiguration of Prioto, or an extension to the areas that it is deployed. Our maintenance packages provide peace of mind that your Prioto installation will drive the best energy performance possible for your building. Our technical support team and engineers can remain on-hand to deal with any queries that you may have, quickly.