Sports Facility

Managing a sports facility means catering for the constant footfall of visitors who can often require access to various parts of the facility. With this large volume of users it can be easy for energy costs to spiral out of control. Prioto gives a wide range of automation, scheduling and control options for sports facilities.
Prioto also provides a bespoke control portal for facility management to easily monitor all functions and utilities.



Automated lighting in changing rooms and washrooms eliminates the chance of the last person out leaving the lights on.

Also, sensors can quickly show reception staff which areas are unoccupied saving your staff time and improving the customer experience.


Easy scheduled control of floodlighting across various outdoor pitches simplifies the management for staff and can also allow facilities management to preempt maintenance visits by providing accurate running timers for floodlights as they reach the end of their intended life-cycle.


Prioto puts control of your sports facility lighting, heating, cooling and air handling under one system. Simplifying the process for staff and enhancing the customer experience.


Building Protection


Monitoring temperature and humidity in your building can ensure that the various heating and air handling units are working efficiently to keep the environment comfortable to users as well as limiting chance of problems such as bad odours, condensation and even mould growth.

Whatever the sports facility you manage, Prioto is the solution you need. Prioto will manage your facilities essential services to ensure you are running efficiently and effectively for customers and staff alike.   

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