What is Prioto?

Prioto deliver complete facility monitoring systems giving you complete control of your facilities and providing you with all the data feedback you need. Keeping your facilities running efficiently.



The Prioto hardware uses the latest in IOT technology to monitor, sense, control and automate many aspects of commercial facilities.

Prioto design, install and maintain dedicated hardware in your facility to ensure your building is working effectively and efficiently.


On site, your facility management will have access to a custom user interface available on tablet/smart phone. This will allow them to monitor and adjust essential aspects of the facility such as lighting, heating, cooling etc.

Prioto also gives a dashboard for facility management to see vital data from each facility such as energy usage, temperatures, door/window status and more.


Prioto delivers efficiency and functionality without adding complexity


Project Stages


The Prioto team will work with your facility management to understand the requirements and provide expert advice on how to maximise the benefits of the Prioto. With a wealth of experience in commercial building controls we will be happy to suggest features that will enhance your facilities.


The Prioto team will then carefully design your system and provide a detailed feature specification for the facility. This is to ensure you understand the scope of works that will be delivered and give you chance to raise any queries you may have.


Prioto have a wide network of skilled installers who will carry out the physical installation of all required hardware. Any software and IT set up will also be delivered by the Prioto installer. Prioto project managers liase with your facilities managers to ensure the installation causes minimal disruption.


Prioto offer a range of service packages to ensure your facilities remain up to date. Our technical support team will also remain on hand to answer any technical questions you may have on your Prioto system.

The Prioto system will enhance your facility whilst reducing your carbon footprint, reducing the amount of energy your facility wastes and saving you money.


What gets measured, gets managed.

Solutions for Sectors


Sports Facilities

Assisted Living

Emergency Services

Multi Site Business